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Private Lessons

Whether you are just starting out, trying to become more comfortable on ramps, or are working on your backside-flips… our instructors are here for you. We offer private and group lessons for all levels of skateboarders. Transitions, boxes, manual pads, rails, and even flat ground… we can help you learn something new!

Private Lessons:

• 1 participant and 1 instructor
• 30 min. Lesson
• Must have your own helmet and skateboard
• $25 (Includes 30 min. lesson and all day skate pass)

Group Lessons:

• 2-6 people with 1 instructor
• 1 Hour Lesson
• Skaters must all have their own helmets and skateboards
• $20/participant

To sign up for a lesson, simply call or visit the shop at (757) 989-1705