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“Mekos Skatepark helps me a lot.  This place has become a second home to me.  It keeps me out of trouble and feels like a safe environment.  Mekos helps me relieve stress.  Over the years of coming to Mekos, I have become a better skateboarder.  The people who work here are the greatest role models and are good to talk to if I ever needed anything.  I am very thankful to have a place like this in my neighborhood.  Without Mekos, I don’t know what my life would be like.  I probably would be getting in tons of trouble with neighborhood kids and not ever skate.  I learn something new every time I come to Mekos, not just about skateboarding, but lessons about school and all types of things that goes on.  Thank you for helping me get into Mekos and stay off the streets.” ~ Tremond Allen

“Mekos Skatepark helps me a lot.  I come to Mekos every day to have fun and learn new tricks and hang out with a lot of my friends. If it wasn’t for this park I probably would be getting in a lot of trouble and doing stuff I’m not supposed to be doing.  When I come to this place I feel safe and I’m comfortable.  All my friends skate and are here with me every day.  And plus there’s nowhere to skate.  When it gets cold you can be indoors where it’s warm, or when it’s hot, you can be somewhere where it’s cool.  I also like going to Skate fellowship where I can learn about God.  Brandon and Dorian help me out a lot.  Dorian teaches me a lot of stuff I don’t know about.  And Brandon gives me rides home and takes me places.  So yeah, I’m thankful for this place and the people that work here.” ~ Michael Neblett

“I’ve been skateboarding for 13 years.  I love helping the younger kids of the area stay out of trouble by using skating as an alternative.  I work in the shipyard in the security field.  Mekos Skate Park is a place where anyone can escape and have a good time with good people.  Also, it keeps the youth out of trouble and off the streets.” ~ Nick, age 22

“Mekos Skate Park is a fantastic adventure place!  It offers intense skateboarding fun for those skateboarding with someone or by themselves.  There is the benefit of building physical skill, stamina, and confidence.  Girls: give it a try!  With a huge ratio of boys to girls, it is incredibly, socially safe because skateboarding is a state of mind.  Generally speaking, the boys behave themselves to the point where I can relax while my daughter is skateboarding.”  ~ A Grateful Mom

“William is a 4th grader.  Medical words like Autism, Asperger syndrome and Sensory Processing Disorder crowded our family experience several years ago.  We dealt with flare ups and took life one day at a time.  It was on one of those days, at around age six, when William discovered skateboarding. The sensory seeker in William fell in love. The more he skated, the more he needed to skate.  We saw a new contentedness in William. We went in search of local skate park outlets.  Our search led us to the indoor skate park now known as Mekos.  From the moment we walked in, we knew just how special the indoor skate park was. Small kids, teens and adults effortlessly shared the space. They (the staff) were welcoming and accepting of William. Anybody with a love for skating was a friend. And friends helped friends. Skating has been a major part of our life ever since. Mekos is a much needed safe, indoor recreational space for kids and adults alike, especially those with extra challenges.”  ~ Amy