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The three year vision to research, plan and start to develop a local skatepark ministry, has been fulfilled. The skatepark ministry today has been thoroughly bathed in God’s grace, fully led by the Holy Spirit and moved at a pace none of us could have imagined. What a wonderful feast God has provided to our community in just the first year through His blessing.

During the next five years, the vision is to have a full-time ministry leader on the premises, to have the skatepark open seven days a week, to add new equipment, and to have many area youth accept Jesus Christ into their lives. Additionally, the vision entails the skatepark ministry expanding and adding other related ministries that tackle the challenges that youth in our community face such as drug/alcohol addictions, the challenges of being a single parent/teen parents, hunger, homelessness and helplessness.

We have also been keenly aware of the need for these services for individuals with special needs.